2012Nov 23

Wild Week in SPAD Classes

3rd Year Students Tebowing after the Sport Media Simulation experience.

By SPAD Blogger Brianne Pankoff

Throughout the program, SPAD students have been called into action during the past two weeks. Last Tuesday 3rd year students took part in a Simulation Day for their SPAD 3046 Sport Media & Communication class, and this week SPAD Frosh teamed up for their annual Scavenger Hunt. In a battle some have likened to the hit reality show “The Amazing Race,” all first years came out on the other side unscathed; however, the same cannot be said for the teams involved in Simulation Day, whom acted as Sports Information Directors, handling a fictional media crisis for the NFL.

To elaborate, on November 15th teams were presented with a hypothetical case waiting in their e-mail inboxes to kick-off the Sport Media Simulation. To their dismay their organization, the New England Patriots, were in Spain promoting the NFL internationally, when lo and behold superstar players ‘Tiego Brady’ and ‘Jose Tebow’ were abducted and ransomed for millions of dollars. Teams selected a leader to portray a Sports Information Director to control the crisis between the team, kidnappers, and mass media. Using teamwork skills and tools learned from class, students navigated the seven-stage simulation using the decision-making process through press releases, press conferences, and media advisories. Although the crisis given to the third years was extremely improbable, it required students keeping a level head, which can transfer to (hopefully) lesser crises in the real world. There were different outcomes in the final stage of Simulation Day, forcing the students to have to deal with how (or if) to address the media after the different outcomes for Seňor Tebow and Seňor Brady, including their demise in some scenarios. Aside from some ‘interesting’ displays of acting by the students, the simulation provided the students with an excellent learning experience.

Winning team for the SPAD Frosh Scavenger Hunt.

On a happier note, to finish off their SPAD 0100 Colloquia “Intro to SPAD” class, first year students were treated to a “Scavenger Hunt” around campus organized by the Student Council. They were split into 6 teams named after professional sports leagues in North America, and, fitting with this upcoming weekend, “Team CFL” won the close competition. Congratulations to Noelle Kelly, Carly Charman, Simon Tomlinson, Sam Dodington, Alex Pittman, Alex Saunders, and Nathan Didone, who earned 252 points by completing various tasks and collecting answers to a variety of SPAD trivia, academic questions, and exploring the entire University campus. After frosh day and a semester of colloquia, the first years have further insight to what the SPAD program and family is all about, and can look forward to the next few years of events to come, and pass the traditions on to the new students themselves.

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