2010Feb 12

Who will Light the Olympic Cauldron?

Posted from Shawn Upson – his take on the best kept secret in Canada

Who will light the cauldron????
There’s at least one secret that NO ONE knows about but everyone is speculating. Even my friend Martin who’s in the Opening Ceremonies and has been at every rehearsal hasn’t heard anything. Whatever their planning, their practicing somewhere in seclusion!

Gretzky arrived in town the other day and is seen below chatting with the mayor of Vancouver so of course that’s adding fuel to the flames (ha ha, so punny) of who will have this incredible honour. Well you heard it here first, I’m calling it:

Betty Fox (Terry’s Mom) completes the final leg of the torch relay across the entire country, she passes to Gretzky, he shoots he scores for the lighting of the Olympic Flame.

I’m oozing tears of Canadian pride just thinking about it. The world will find out in a few short hours…

Thanks Shawn for your opinion – what do you all think? Gretzky? Fox? who else?

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