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Welcome to @LU_SPAD Class of 2017 – Frosh Day!

By SPAD Blogger Kelly Turner

IMG_4079 Every year, September marks the beginning of a brand new semester. Returning students get to catch up with friends they have missed over the summer, and soon enough, everyone gets settled back into a routine. For others, September marks the beginning of an exciting four year journey. This year was no different, as SPAD welcomed a record 59 students to the program. Per tradition, SPAD Council hosts a day dedicated to the Frosh, which helps them familiarize themselves with each other, upper year students, and faculty.

This year, Frosh Day took place on Friday September 6th. The day got underway at 10am, as frosh and council members met up at one of the West Residence conference rooms for introductions. Everyone in the room took time to introduce themselves and share a funny/embarrassing story with the entire group; definitely a great icebreaker!

After the introductions, students got on a bus and headed down Falconbridge Road to Dodge This! for an afternoon of paintball. The paintball organizers did a great job of getting everyone ready and on the field in a timely manner. The Frosh spent the better part of the afternoon firing over 16,000 paintballs at each other! Everyone appeared to be having a blast. No one was playing on an empty stomach, as delicious Toppers Pizza was delivered directly to the field. Frosh who were not playing made the most of thIMG_4073e opportunity to ask questions and network with some of the council members. After all of the paint had been fired, students made their way back to the school around 3pm, where everyone gathered on the athletic field for some more icebreaking activities. 

After cleaning up from paintball, everyone was invited to Alumni Hall for the annual SPAD Frosh Day BBQ! Social Convenors Brendan Rorke and Cameron Baker did a great job barbecuing and ensuring everyone who attended the event was fed. The BBQ was a great opportunity for Frosh to meet upper year students and faculty, and also get a taste of what the next four years in the program will be like. First year student, Mathew Bereczki, shared his thoughts on the event:

“SPAD Frosh Day was a really good way to meet and connect with my peers in the program; it was a good way to break the ice and get everyone excited for the school year!”

Furthermore, Social Convenor Brendan Rorke had this to say about the festivities:

“Frosh day was a huge success as all the frosh enjoyed themselves and got to know each other a little better. We are looking forward to the upcoming SPAD Council Events, and hope for continued successful turnouts!”

SPAD Council would like to thank everyone who made Frosh Day 2013 a success. Good luck to everyone in the 2013-2014 academic year!

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