2010Oct 7

Wanted: Your SPAD Photos!!

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Yes we want your SPAD Photos!!! We are looking for ways to showcase SPAD and show everyone out there a little of what happens inside SPAD here at Laurentian. So if you have photos of SPAD events, SPAD students, SPAD hockey, and well anything relate to just SPAD – send them in. We will add them to the SPAD Flickr Photostream – see the icon at the left, you should also see one at the top of the SPAD blog that looks very similar – just click on it and you will be able to see all the photos uploaded to date.

So if you have photos, please send them to the SPAD Blog Team:

Cole Julien: ca_julien@laurentian.ca

Brent Hurley: bx_hurley@laurentian.ca

Lukas Hayes: lz_hayes@laurentian.ca

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