2010Feb 12

Updates from the SPAD Olympic Road Trip Crew

The SPAD Student Cross-Country Road trip Crew provided a few updates on their blog yesterday (see link under blog roll)

The Ghost in The Fog

Third and last blog of the day. I will make it a short(ish) one to give you the just of it. Odometer: 2463km
When we last left our road tripping heroes they were about to embark on their journey from Brandon, Manitoba to Calgary Alberta.
Right now we are somewhere in between Regina and Calgary. Caught it fairly thick fog. After Brandon and before Regina is a big blurr to me as I slept most of it. I remember that we debated our plans and then stopped for dinner at BP to further discuss these plans. Our plans right now are to stay in Calgary tonight with a friend of Dana’s and then leave early tomorrow morning for the Rockies and the Olympics. We are going to be staying Friday night with one of my Mom’s best high school friends. That’s the plan right now, so as long as nothing changes. I will post again from the road in the AM. Tomorrow’s a big day so I’m going to ‘bed’, goodnight.
Oh P.S. Shannon wants to say hi to Mom and Dad!!!

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

As you saw from the last picture, were in Manitoba. Flat can’t even begin to describe what we see; even though I’m sure Sask will be even more so. Finally saw some huge moose once the sun came up just west of T-Bay – which really emphasized why we spent so much effort to look out for them. We called our friend who is an expert at all things in the bush to ask whether or not moose sleep lying down or not – no answer yet. (UPDATE: not sure anyone will care but according to Erik Anderson, Moose sleep on their chests with their legs tucked underneath them. Which is probably why we did not see any at night). More at http://sudbury-vanoc2010.blogspot.com/

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