2011Mar 17

Third Annual St. SPADdy’s Day

By SPAD Blogger: Brent Hurley

St. SPADdy's Day 2011

This upcoming Saturday (March 19TH) SPAD will be once again celebrating the sacred St. SPADdy’s Day. Traditionally held on March 18TH, the day following St. Patrick’s Day, this year we will be holding it on the 19TH in honour of what inspired St. SPADrick and the accommodation around first year mid-terms.


In the 2008-2009 school year, the program was blessed with a frosh class of patriarch beauticians. This innovative group of eager minds inspired the first ever St. SPADdy’s Day. However, the true inspiration lies within Dr. Anthony Church. It was that noble SPAD steward who conveniently and surely coincidentally scheduled a mid-term exam for SPAD 1017 (first year SPAD class) at 10 A.M. the day after St. Patrick’s Day. Obviously this meant no enjoying the traditional Irish festivities. Not to be detoured, now Vice-President Cole Julien and myself decided that we didn’t deserve to be robbed of this great day, and one of the only nights of the year that students of Laurentian drink. So we decided to create our own day of celebrations for all of us first year SPAD students who couldn’t enjoy the previous night. This dynamic duo wore blue and yellow (now the official colours of St. SPADdy’s Day) to the SPAD 1017 class before the exam and presented the idea to our classmates. We explained that we would enjoy a casual day of hanging around outside for some ball hockey and drinks to unwind after the mid-term, and anyone was welcome to join. Little did we know, this was the first step to cementing a piece of the program’s history. St. SPADrick was born. St. SPADdy’s Day History

That first year, a group of approximately only 10-15 people took part in the full day of festivities. The second years were busy with the now extinct venture projects, and the bitter windy weather left many people only stopping by for a quick glance and/or a “pop” or two. However, that didn’t stop the Sudbury Star from getting word of a group of students playing ball hockey and  partying all day long on a random Wednesday in March. With an obviously extremely busy news day. the Star printed our picture on the front cover the following day. St. SPADdy’s Day had left an official, documented mark. Mission accomplished.

After the inaugural success, last year the participation numbers grew exponentially. It was an all-out program (plus), all day party. The weather was beautiful, and the drinks were cold. Hopefully that Sudbury sunshine will be out this Saturday, as the weather made for a wicked day last year.


As mentioned before, and as you can probably imagine the day is filled with many random activities and acts of greatness. In no particular order: ball hockey, music, golfing, laughing, football, loud noises, basketball, chirping, baseball, eating, yelling, and some pops. And that’s just the day events… The night events/recollections are a little… Foggy.


Saturday beginning at 1:00 P.M. Location will be on campus, either in the University of Sudbury parking lot and/or somewhere around the Ben Avery. Check the Facebook group “Third Annual St. SPADdy’s Day” for further details and updates. St. SPADdy’s Day 2011

This legendary, unofficial SPAD event is just days away. Study hard, and get excited; you won’t be disappointed. And remember, come one, come all! Get everyone out for a day of bonding and celebration of this great program that has brought us all together. It’s what St. SPADrick and Tony wanted when they came up with this scheme in the first place.

And to the fourth years currently lighting it up in New York, we expect you to show the Big Apple that St. Patty’s Day is nothing more than a warm up!!

Everyone else, see you Saturday.

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