2010Mar 16

The SPAD Field Trip Day 4 – More Presentations!!

SPAD and the 1989 World Series Trophy!!

So the first presentation was out of the way, which was great! But we still had six more groups who were working on and honing their presentations. So Monday evening saw these groups and the faculty and grad student panel back in the hotel “boardroom”. Groups presented, the panel critiqued and some lively debates happened. Finally it was time to call it a night – well for the panel anyway – as there were 3 presentations scheduled for Tuesday.

First up on Tuesday was the Oakland A’s from MLB. This group had the pleasure of presenting at 9 am and got the day rolling with a start. After spending countless hours working on their research and crafting their presentation, the team of Billy McCreight, Greg Stephenson, John Barrett and Justin Seresse headed off to Oakland and The Oakland Coliseum. Again the client organization was a gracious host for our students who, once again, definitely exceeded their expectations with an excellent presentation, including some immediately implementable solutions to the issues presented by team management.

SPAD on the Field

After an excellent discussion of the ideas with the student group, the Oakland A’s administration provided a thorough tour of the Coliseum, providing the students with awesome picture ops – witness the picture with the 1989 World Series Trophy and the Field Level group shot. According to the students, it was awesome to be on the same field where Rickey Henderson and other greats such as McGwire, Canseco, Weiss, Dave Stewart, and Dennis Eckersley played some amazing baseball. An excellent example of how hard work pays off – great work Billy, Greg, John and Justin. Thanks Oakland A’s for providing a great learning experience for SPAD students!!

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