2012Oct 16

The SPAD Circle of Life

SPAD Student Council President Scott Rodgers working the booth at OUF

By SPAD Blogger Benoit Roy

The 2012 Ontario Universities’ Fair (OUF) brought together many past, present and future SPAD students showcasing SPAD’s connectivity and enthusiasm towards the program.  The SPAD “circle of life” was well documented at this event.  Among the SPAD alumni who were Brand Ambassadors were JP Rains, Ben Demianiuk and Bryan Carruthers.  JP, Ben and Bryan are also current Laurentian employees holding various positions in communications, marketing and students services.  JP states that “going to the fair and seeing SPAD students later on in their studies at Laurentian certainly makes the trip worthwhile.”  Having gone through the program himself, JP fully understands the position that these students are in, making the recruitment process much more relatable.  Students, previously unaware of the program, began to feel a part of SPAD simply from speaking to the SPAD Brand Ambassadors.

Among the current SPAD students and faculty at OUF were Scott Rodgers, Chad Scanlan, Andy Leach, Patrick Smoke, Dr. Ann Pegoraro, Dr. Anthony Church, and Dr. Claude Vincent.  SPAD Council President Scott Rodgers states that he realizes “the potential for developing the SPAD brand in Southern Ontario, a location where prospective students are perhaps less aware of Laurentian than those from Northern Ontario.”  He also states that “SPAD’s presence at OUF and the array of SPAD alumni and students truly provides prospective students with a look into how the program helps to develop true business professionals, and shows how connected we are and will always be.”

Among the business pros who graduated from SPAD who also visited Laurentian’s booth during OUF weekend were Darryl Boynton, Jon Lalonde and Tyler Aird.  Darryl Boynton visited the LU booth to reconnect with the faculty members who were once his professors.  Darryl currently works for Hockey Canada where he is the Manager of the Ontario Regional Centre.  SPAD alumnus Jon Lalonde is currently a Professional Crosschecker for the Toronto Blue Jays.  During school, Jon assisted in a project for the Jays which resulted in him getting hired on a permanent basis with the team – a prime example of the opportunities extended from SPAD.  Tyler Aird, a former SPAD lecturer also visited the SPAD Brand Ambassadors.  Having these SPAD alumni make an appearance at the event demonstrates to future students how diverse and connected alumni are with the program.  Their presence shows that even after graduating, SPAD alumni are keen on associating themselves with the program

4th Year SPAD student Andy Leach selling SPAD to a prospective student.

SPAD Director Dr. Anthony Church also understands the value of OUF and how the weekend in Toronto reinforces the value of the SPAD family. “The fair is one of the best opportunities for meeting high school students and introducing them to the unique sport business degree that SPAD has to offer. To have so many current students and alumni want to volunteer their time to help promote SPAD is a testament to the quality of the program but also to the kind of student we have been fortunate to attract over the years. Our alumni are our greatest resource and we really appreciate all the help they provide in attracting the next generation of alumni.”

Thanks to all the SPAD representatives for being a part of OUF and a special thank you to all SPAD alumni who came to the event as their presence assisted in the recruitment process.  The SPAD “circle of life” was well represented at this year’s Ontario Universities’ Fair.

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