2010Aug 30

The SPAD Blog is BACK!!!

So the summer hiatus came early for the SPAD blog but don’t worry we are coming back bigger and better in September. We are just 12 days from the first day of class – GASP!!!

We are getting ready to welcome the class of 2014 to SPAD – 50 fresh new faces will be joining us here on campus to start their SPAD careers. I am sure that brings back memories for some of you alumni and even current students – remembering what your first days in SPAD were like. REZ move in day, SPAD Frosh Day, attending the first soccer games, meeting new friends and staying up late every night. Good times.

The SPAD Blog will be evolving this year to capture the activities of SPAD on a more regular basis. Students will help provide entries and we will be encouraging Alumni to send updates and stories as well. So stay tuned over the next few weeks as we get going again.

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