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2017Oct 31

“The Demons in the rear view”

“The Demons in the rear view”

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Soccer. The sport I love and can’t live without. Can you imagine losing something that you loved ever since your existence?I thought I had. I’m going to take you back through my life up until a day that I can see so clearly.  The day that I was given another chance playing the game of soccer.

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My name is Sam Daoust I was born in California USA, my father is originally from Sturgeon Falls and my mother was born in Russia.  When I was younger, I moved around quite a bit as a kid in the US from California to Connecticut and then Rhode Island. After that, I moved to Richmond Hill in the GTA area and grew up there from the age of 6 to 16. When in the GTA region I found my passion, which was the game of soccer. I’ve been playing soccer my entire life.  I started playing organized soccer when I turned 6 years old.  At the elementary school where I attended from grade 1-6, our gym teacher was actually an ex-pro player. He had played in France for some very notable soccer teams.  All we did in every gym class and at every recess was soccer and it sort of just took off from there. When I was 16, I finally moved to Ottawa, which is where my family lives now. With all the practice in gym class and working extremely hard I started to see the success. When I was younger I achieved something not many people can say. What I accomplished was I won a provincial championship in Ontario and a state championship in the US.

I couldn’t be prouder and still say to this day “it’s my greatest accomplishment”.

Flash forward to recruiting day for University. I was so excited for this day to come and I was hoping to play for my hometown team in Ottawa. I got a call from Carleton University and they wanted me to come play for the Ravens, in you guessed it, my hometown. This was one of the greatest days of my life and I’m so humbled it happened.

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I go into training camp with the team and I noticed we had a big recruiting class. A lot of seniors and a lot of freshmen coming in. I knew that I had to work my tail off in order to make the team. Tryouts were exhausting and I thought I played well.

Then the unspeakable happened.

I got cut. It was the lowest time of my life. I was down for a while”.

I took time off from the sport and I got to talking with Laurentian, I had a tour there. I went to the campus and loved it, the scenery and a chance to play on the soccer team. I got accepted for the program of Kinesiology in the Human Kinetics Department. Trying out for the team this time “I found my love for the sport again and am feeling better than ever playing the game”. After training camp I made the team and was excited for the first game of the season with my new te am, new school and new program. My first game was against Nippissing Lakers. That day came and………..

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I stepped on the field with my team and I knew that the demons suddenly were in the rear-view.