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2013Nov 13

IBAC Second Year Business Simulation

By SPAD Blog Contributor Noelle Kelly

14248b9f4ac0001From October 30th to November 1st, 2013 the second year commerce and SPAD students participated in a life-like business simulation sponsored by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC), which consisted of 9 SPAD teams, and 16 commerce teams of 4, 5, or 6 students. Each team acted as the board of directors, with one chairperson, and ran a golf course with 8 simulations (or years) over the three-day period. The 25 golf clubs were located in the same region, and they had to compete against one another for the largest share value.

The IBAC simulation started with each club deciding on the quality of the golf course (low, medium, or high), setting prices, setting advertising costs, and making investments on the golf course, restaurant and pro shop. Each course had an original budget and had to make decisions based on their strategy, and decide what to invest the money into. For each subsequent year, the clubs had to analyze the data from the previous years, decide whether to change prices, and make decisions on what investments, if any, to make into the course, restaurant, and pro shop. The investments were based on how much profit the company made in the previous year, as well as loans. The data that was analyzed included business statements, sales reports, statistics, and an external analysis of the market and economy, with each company having an option of purchasing a market study and analyzing the competitors as well.


2013Oct 11

@LU_SPAD Recruits at OUF 2013

By SPAD Blog Contributor Sean Meyers


Council President Sean Meyers on the floor at OUF

Laurentian Student Brand Ambassadors and Sports Administration students Simon Tomlinson and Sean Meyers were attending their first OUF and were ecstatic about the opportunity to complete the ‘Circle of Life’. “Having been recruited at this very fair I know exactly how unsure and insecure some of these students feel about making such a big life decision at this age. It was really interesting to see the University recruitment process from the other side, trying to recruit the students. It was a lot of fun talking about a school and program which I love” states Student Council President Sean Meyers. Sean and Simon answered plenty questions and provided personal insight on the school to hopeful Laurentian University students. 


2013Oct 8

@LU_SPAD Students Host The SGA Cup

Event Organizers

Event Organizers

On Saturday October 4th, third year Event Management students organized the SGA Cup flag football tournament. The event was held on the athletic fields just outside of the Ben Avery Gymnasium. A total of eight teams battled it out for the prestigious SGA Cup.

The day got off to an early start and event organizers did a great job of having the field ready for 10am competition on Saturday morning. Every team was guaranteed three round robin games, as well as one playoff game. Teams competed for positioning throughout the morning and early afternoon round robin games.

Organizers also introduced a very popular skills competition to the tournament this year. Competitions took place to determine the fastest runner, longest field goal kicker, and most accurate quarterback. The field goal competition created a lot of buzz at the field, as everyone in attendance was rooting on the competitors as they made kicks from nearly 40 yards out! For lunch, players and spectators were treated to complimentary Toppers Pizza and Red Bull.