2013Mar 22

St. SPADdy’s Day…the Legend Continues

SSD_Group copyBy SPAD Blogger Benoit Roy

Because it’s the Cup!

The hockey proverb is synonymous with spring weather, the end of a beloved NHL season, and of course intense hockey.  It brings back memories of 2008 when we watched Sidney Crosby play Detroit for the second year and defeat them to finally lift Lord Stanley.  It’s also a reminder of why we stay up late to watch every player on the ice skate with the Cup after their team’s 16th win.  And for SPAD students it bears similar resemblance, but we don’t chase Lord Stanley’s mug and we certainly don’t receive the same bonuses for achieving that feat.  Instead, we chase St. SPADdy’s Cup – the prize for a group of individuals who are proud to call themselves SPAD students, who are brave enough to battle the unpredictable Sudbury March weather, and who, like most SPAD students, have an incredible passion for our program.  St. SPADdy’s Day is now dedicated to ball hockey, consuming some great Canadian beverages, and a day off from the dullness of the late semester grind.  The team that successfully accomplishes all three of these objectives earns their right to call themselves the winners of the St. SPADdy’s Cup.  It’s not quite the two-month quest for Lord Stanley, but it certainly comes close.

SPAD’s annual springtime tradition is five years in the making, and each year it only gets better.  It began in March of 2009 when SPAD students were given the task of preparing for one of Dr. Church’s first-year midterms.  Unfortunately, that meant studying through St. Patrick’s Day.  These students surely took matters into their own hands, and created the new and better holiday that we now call St. SPADdy’s Day which displays much less green and much more blue and gold.  This year’s St. SPADdy’s Day was held on March 18 and played host to some of SPAD’s best and brightest.  Scott Rodgers and Cameron Brooks sported SPAD Wear as usual, but they also started the day off with a blue and gold pancake breakfast for all SPAD students.  They also fired up the SPAD barbeque to keep everyone fueled throughout the festivities.  SPAD Student Council Secretary, Brianne Pankoff shares her thoughts about SPAD’s most spirited day: “It’s a fun tradition that was created by SPAD students and its great to see everyone from every year come out, especially those from second and first years who may not have participated before.  Everyone got into the spirit of St. SPADdy’s despite the cold and had a great time celebrating the best program in the world.”  Be sure to check out a video recap of this year’s event on the SPADBlog YouTube channel.

SSD_Winners copyDuring the events of St. SPADdy’s Day we battle the elements, we battle each other, and we battle what’s remaining in our system from the previous night, and it started with a battle against Dr. Church five years ago.  We sacrifice a day usually spent working on end of term assignments, studying, or to work our real jobs to endure what most Laurentian students would never do on a lazy Sunday or Monday.  We earn our stripes and call ourselves true SPADians, and we celebrate like our fore-SPADians intended it.  And some of us don’t even shave in the fight for St. SPADdy’s Cup… in true Canadian fashion.  You may ask, why do we do all of this? Why do we put the interests of St. SPADdy ahead of our own? Well… because it’s the Cup.

History was certainly made on March 18, 2013.

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