2012Nov 28

SPAD’s Always Ready for Some Football!

By SPAD Blogger Brianne Pankoff

On Sunday SPAD hosted its third official event of the year, the 2012 GC Party presented by the SGA/AGE, to watch the Calgary Stampeders and home team Toronto Argonauts play for the 100th Grey Cup. The third year students continued on their streak of professionally run events with an exciting atmosphere surrounding the big game. The party was held at Alumni Hall packing in more than 130 guests, appropriately decorated in blue and red for the two teams.

Beyond a place to watch the game with friends, other value added incentives included a raffle with prizes from sponsors, including the big ticket iPad won by 2nd year Mark Norris, Twitter trivia, and contests during the commercial breaks. Alex Foeller and Kyle Richey won an intense game of charades, and 4th year Peter Mehta took home the title of “Best Movember Mustache.” Other victories included Matt Jackowetz over Scott Rodgers in the Quarterback Toss Challenge, and Brianne Pankoff for the girls – all third year students likely inspired by last week’s sport media simulation heroes Tiego Brady and Jose Tebow.

A thank you and congratulations goes out to the organizing committee of Nick Andrews, Brittany Bilsborough, Melissa Bouffard, Tanya Lamon, and Connor Stevens for another entertainment filled night at Laurentian. The event’s sponsors are also appreciated for their support and partnership of the program including: SGA/AGE, Bacardi, the Toronto Argonauts, the Montreal Alouettes, Laurentian Bookstore, Vrab’s Independent, Pro Am Sportswear, Laurentian Residence, the Sudbury Wolves, Quizno’s, The Maples Golf, Cineplex Entertainment Silvercity Cineplex, Skaters Edge, and On the Sidelines radio show.

The Grey Cup Party is the last event of the fall semester as classes come to an end and exams start, but students can look forward to a busy winter with the upcoming Suitcase Party, SPAD Hockey Tournament, SuperBowl Party and Laurentian Snow Fight Tournament quickly approaching in the new year.

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