2012Mar 19

SPADHL: Websimhockey Wrap Up

Websimhockey and SPAD: Wrap up first year

By SPAD Blogger Adam Johnston

The third and fourth year business of hockey class has just concluded its Websim Hockey assignment that was described in a previous article. If you didn’t read that article, Websim Hockey is essentially an online simulation of being an NHL general manager. 24 students from the Business of Hockey class each assumed the role of GM of an NHL team and controlled the hockey operations aspects as well as the business functions of the team.

In approximately 3 months, there were 4 seasons simulated in Websim Hockey. GMs were responsible for nearly every aspect of an NHL team including changing lines, trading and signing players as well as setting ticket prices, making arena modifications and investing into different marketing decisions such as market development and advertising.

GMs took very different approaches to managing their respective teams. Some GMs would be at the top of salary cap threshold every season while others would try to cut costs and as a result put an inferior product on the ice. When looking at the final financial standings, it appears that the teams that spent the extra money to obtain quality players were rewarded financially most through playoff revenue, and those who did not open their “wallets” lost fans and therefore lost ticket revenue.

It is important to mention those in the class that won a Websim Cup, mostly because I am one of them.  Other winners include Geoff Gascon, Garrett Hamel and Jeff Tremblay. Eric Lachapelle representing the Montreal Canadiens was far and away the most successful on the financial side of things (not to mention he knocked the professors out the playoffs 2 years running!), with Geoff Wolfer and Jeff Tremblay also being very successful financially.

Websim Hockey provided an educational as well as very fun experience that I would recommend to all. As for the accuracy of the game, the simulation seemed very realistic as the Toronto Maple Leafs finished in nearly last place every year.



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