2012Nov 4

SPAD Wins at Hallowe’en


By SPAD Blogger Brianne Pankoff

This past Wednesday SPAD was seen in the spirit of Halloween all around Laurentian’s campus. After a reading week spent back home, some eager students showed up in their costumes in the morning, colourful characters roaming the halls included a penguin and The Dark Knight’s Joker.

Later in the evening, all years of SPAD students got together in West Residence to show off their outfits and kick off the festivities before heading to the Pub Downunder for Halloween night. Although classics like “the Monster Mash” and “Thriller” were noticeably absent from the DJ’s playlist, students still danced and played a few games of billiards and foosball until the grand finale… the costume contest!

Unfortunately the first year SPAD girls dressed as seven iPod nanos could not attend pub, otherwise they would have swept the competition with their creative homemade dresses made by first year Sam Boutilier. However, SPAD still came out on top as they took home both the individual and group categories. 4th year Danny Acosta won best individual costume and a Sony Tablet for his Batman costume. 3rd and 4th years Alex Foeller, Jeff Howlett, Mike Taylor, Adam Johnston, Geoff Wolfer, and Jeff Tremblay won the crowd over with their authentic war-calls and leopard pelts as an “African Tribe”. Strong honorable mentions consist of Jason Aguiar as “Duff Man” from the Simpsons, and other 3rd years as a group of Bavarian lads, lederhosen and all. SPAD students, known for their creativity, did not disappoint this year with their imaginative characters, proving to be the program that knows how to celebrate Halloween the best!

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