2011Sep 23

SPAD Wear is Back!

By SPAD Blogger Adam Johnston


SPAD Wear Line 2011-2012

SPAD Wear is back and better than ever! The apparel available this year is from Reebok and offered in many different styles. The clothing is great quality and is being sold at less than retail price!!

For the first time ever SPAD is offering a women’s line. Available on the women’s line this year are a hoodie, a short-sleeve T-shirt, a polo and a jacket. The four items are being sold individually as well as through a bundled package. The bundle is the best deal as it is selling for the low price of $125, which is over an $80 under retail value.

In order to be able to sell the women’s line, 36 pieces of each article need to be sold. What this means is that every woman in SPAD need to be buying SPAD wear as well as the men in the program should be buying SPAD wear for their mothers, sisters, girlfriends and wives.

For the men, the basics are being sold again this year including a T-shirt; long sleeve T-shirt, Polo, hoodie and tracksuit. This year a fitted Reebok mesh back hat is being sold. Like the women’s line the men’s line is priced to sell!

If you want to be part of the team you have to wear the uniform. SPAD wear has become the uniform of the program. Whether its in residence, on campus or at the pub, you can instantly recognize a fellow member of your SPAD family because of SPAD wear.

Come on out to the great hall on Friday September 22nd from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM to get a look at this year’s SPAD wear and sizes that are being offered.

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