2010Mar 3

SPAD Students on LU Radio Thursday!!

SPAD at the Olympics

This Thursday SPAD students who attended or worked at the Olympic Games will be guests on “The Sports Hour” with Shawn & Steve on CKLU radio here at Laurentian University. Here is what Shawn and Steve has said about the upcoming show:

O CANADA! So the Olympics are over, and Canada walked away with 14 gold medals, and 2 new records. We definitely put on a brilliant show that people will be talking about for years. Congratulations to everyone around the games for making it a monumental success.

THIS THURSDAY, MARCH THE 4TH ON THE SPORTS HOUR, WE’LL HAVE SOME OF THEM IN STUDIO! We’re loading up the CKLU studio with Olympic goers, so that all of you loyal listeners can see the games from new perspectives. We all sat in front of the TV for 2 weeks, and enjoyed it as fans. This Thursday, you’ll hear what it was like to be behind the scenes at the games, making everything work. Then, you’ll hear what it was like being a fan right in the middle of it all, taking in the events. Last but not least, you’ll hear what it was like to experience a whole country come over by Olympic fever, after driving across most of it, just to be there. We have lots of guests, all in studio sharing their once-in-a-lifetime Olympic experiences. Be sure to tune in Thursday at 10AM, locally in Sudbury on 96.7 FM, and around the world at WWW.CKLU.CA !!!

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