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SPAD Student Profile: Scott Rodgers – Mr. President

scott picBy SPAD Blogger Brianne Pankoff

The School of Sports Administration has a Students Council that operates throughout the academic year, consisting of mainly third-year students (as many of the fourth years are off on their internships), as well as first and second year representatives to represent and coordinate activities on behalf of the SPAD student body. SPAD Council is a great way to be involved in the program and another way in which the program prepares students for the real world by working as a team with students and faculty, and putting on great events such as Frosh Day, and SPAD Bowling for everyone to enjoy. Scott Rodgers, the 2012-13 SPAD Council President talks to SPADBlog more about his role on Council and within SPAD, and testifies to prospective students about the unparalleled opportunities and experiences he has gained over the past few years from his time in the program.

Q: What are some of your duties as SPAD President? Tell the readers more about your role on council and within the program.

SR: The President position on the SPAD Student Council has been a very fulfilling experience thus far. Some of the duties associated with being President include chairing Council meetings through the academic year, and acting as an ambassador of both the Council and the SPAD program as a whole at Laurentian University functions. Some specific tasks included the opportunity to coordinate the annual trip for SPAD student attendees of the John Molson Sports Business Conference in Montreal, as well as organizing the SPAD clothing line, “SPAD Wear”. Throughout the year, I also assist the other members of the Council with their assigned activities, and in general am available to all students for any queries or concerns they have that I can help with.

Q: Why did you choose to run for this position and what made you want to represent the program as their student council president?

SR: What’s great about the SPAD program at Laurentian is the sense of unity it encompasses. Since day one, I’ve developed lifelong friendships with not only the students in my year, but also the students in all four years of the SPAD program. Because of this, I chose to run for the President position because it is a great opportunity to represent the united family of students making up the SPAD program. Also, my two predecessors Nick Arruda and Chris Ackroyd (who were SPAD Presidents in 2011-2012 and 2010-2011, respectively) both did an amazing job with the position and recommended it to students as a great way to act as an ambassador of the SPAD program, which I truly believe in.

Q: Talk about SPAD as a program and your experience in it.

SR: Most people are not aware that the SPAD program is the only program in Canada that awards graduates with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce in Sports Administration. I was certainly one of those people when I first applied to SPAD, but the uniqueness of the program really presented itself once we all arrived in first year. The concepts we learn throughout the 4 years of the program are undoubtedly the keys to success within the sports industry, because our amazing faculty members make it their priority to have students ready for the real world upon graduating. The unity of SPAD students is really great to experience as well, and the friendships that I have made will most definitively make the SPAD experience one of the most memorable 4 years of my life.

Q: How has being on council prepared you in any additional way for your upcoming internship as a third year student, and the real world?

SR: A common theme in the SPAD program is that communication and the ability to work as a team will determine your success in the real world. As President of the SPAD Council, I have the honour of working alongside a highly motivated Council who all do incredible jobs with their respective positions. I feel being on Council has prepared me for an upcoming internship and the real world through positive communication and teamwork with this great group of students, as it has led to several successful Council events and certainly more to come. I also have the opportunity to sit on the SPAD Academic Council and the Faculty of Management Council, where Laurentian faculty members discuss real-life events and current issues. I believe being able to witness and contribute to professional discussions will also serve as a prequel to an internship and the real world.

Q: What advice do you have to offer to those applying to SPAD and those coming to the program next year?

SR: As only a third year student in the SPAD program, I can confidently say that these three years have been the best three years of my life. The SPAD program and Laurentian University as a whole develop true business professionals, and since day one I’ve never looked back. Although it is hard work at times, all of the great friendships made and SPAD events held throughout the years certainly outweigh a little bit of homework along the way. There has been a lot of experience working in groups either in class or on Council. This is the only program of its kind in the country, and is the gateway for students to work in the sports industry, and in my short time here I have had many opportunities to learn, such as the unique Championship Selling and all our other sport specific classes, to our Event Management course and running the SPAD Hockey Tournament, that give me a competitive advantage in the real world. After all, Cabral “Cabbie” Richards once said – “First SPAD… Then the Universe!”council pic

Thank you Scott for taking the time to speak to our readers a bit about your experiences in SPAD and the important role student leaders play in the success and enjoyment of the SPAD experience for all students. All the best in your internship and all your future endeavours. You are a great ambassador for the program.

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