2012Sep 29

SPAD Student Profile: Evan Kwan

By SPAD Blogger Brianne Pankoff

Its been three weeks into university for all of the first year Sports Administration students here at Laurentian, and to get some insight on how their new experience is coming along, I sat down with SPAD Frosh Evan Kwan and asked him a few questions.

Evan, how did you first learn about the SPAD program and what made you choose to come to Laurentian?

All throughout high school I had a dream of studying Kinesiology. Then in grade 11, a friend of mine told me about SPAD and I was instantly hooked. I love sports and I liked business so combining them made sense. I had never even heard of Laurentian before I learned about SPAD, but I knew it was the only option for me. I actually only applied for SPAD and Commerce at Laurentian and a Sport Management program elsewhere, but if I didn’t get into SPAD I would have stayed back and tried again next year. There really wasn’t a choice in where I wanted to go besides Laurentian.

How did you feel before coming to SPAD? What have you experienced as a SPAD frosh in your first few weeks here?

I wasn’t sure what to expect coming here so I was really nervous all summer. Luckily when I got here I found out my roommate Jeremy was also in SPAD, so it was easier with someone I knew in every class. After the first few classes everyone started to get to know each other, and now the SPAD frosh are like a family. The upper years in SPAD were very welcoming, and with everybody’s help the first few weeks have gone smoothly. I think we have all become very close and hopefully we will stay that way for the remainder of our four years.

Describe a typical day in the life of a SPAD frosh student.

Normally I’ll wake up around 9 or 10 for either a 10am class or 11:30am and I will be done my two or three classes by 4 everyday. Our classes are interesting and even enjoyable compared to high school; and SPAD 1016 is the best class. After class I’ll normally spend about one to two hours doing homework per subject, but finishing work now is a thousand times more satisfying than in high school.

What are some things you are looking forward to in your next four years of SPAD?

I’m looking forward to not only learning more about the sport industry, but also getting to experience what it’s like to be a part of it. I’m excited to meet guest speakers, work for a sports team, and take part in an internship. I’ve heard so many great things about the next four years ahead of me and I can’t wait to take part in everything the program has to offer.

Thanks for your time Evan and we wish you and your classmates the best of luck the rest of your first year in SPAD!

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