2012Oct 29

SPAD Student-Athlete Profile: Brennan Doyle

By SPAD Blogger Brianne Pankoff

The golf season has come to an end for the Laurentian Varsity Golf team. At the year-end tournament, the OUA Championships were held in Waterloo at Grey Silo Golf Club this October. The team had a great opening day, starting off strong at 6th place out of 17 teams. Heading into the last day standing just one place out of qualifying for Canadians, however, they were unable to put all the rounds together and finished 11th overall. 4th year SPAD Student Brennan Doyle talks to us about his experience in the sport and his past few years playing on the school team.

1) Tell us about your background in golf and your time with the Laurentian Golf team.

I started playing golf when I was 5 years old. I lived right on the golf course growing up so I’d spend the whole day hanging out at the course. My dad and I would often wake up early around 5am and go play 9 or 18 holes before he went to work.

This is my fourth year on the Laurentian golf team. I have enjoyed each year and have played alongside a great group of guys. Growing up, golf was strictly an individual sport. However, University golf is more of a team sport, where everyone’s score is combined and equally important. I really enjoyed playing these tournaments as a team, as we really encouraged each other everyday to improve.

2) What do you like about the sport and why have you continued to play?

I love the mental side of golf. Unlike other sports, skill alone is not enough to win a golf tournament. There is never a day where the ball goes exactly where you want it to, so it is very important to grind through every shot. I also love how everybody can play golf and enjoy it. It is a very social sport and allows me to enjoy the company of friends and also meet new people.

3) What successes have you accomplished on the LU team or in other golfing endeavours?

As a junior I qualified to compete nationally in the Canadian Junior Championship in New Brunswick. This was a great experience as I competed with a very high caliber of junior golfers, some of whom have had exemptions to play on the PGA TOUR. My most memorable experiences of junior golf were playing for Team Canada East twice with the Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA). During the course of my years playing on the LU golf team, we have won two tournaments, and I have been recognized for both rookie of the year and most valuable player.

4) How do you balance being a student in Sports Administration and a varsity athlete?

It is definitely difficult to balance practice, play and school. My performance is dependent upon how much I practice leading up to a tournament, and if I could I’d practice every day like the professionals. However, school is very important to me, and is my first priority above all else. When we are on the road for a golf tournament, there is a lot of down time between rounds. Being a student athlete requires self-discipline, meaning I must always make time to get my work done, whether if it’s in the vehicle on the way to a tournament or in the hotel room after a round.

5) As a fourth year student what are some of your internship aspirations? Would you consider a career in the golf-business industry?

I’ve grown up my whole life playing golf and being involved in the golf industry. So yes, it would definitely be a good fit for me. I am very interested in sales and if I could do my internship with a golf company, I think I would really enjoy it and really succeed, just because I know so much about the sport.

Thanks Brennan for your time and congratulations to you and your team on another great season.

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