2011Jan 14

SPAD Student Athlete Kyla Csumrik: Basketball is her game

by SPAD Blogger Lukas Hayes

Kyla Csumrik makes her move

I recently had the privilege to interview Kyla Csumrik, Shooting Guard for the Lady Vee’s basketball team.

Q: So Kyla, when did you start playing basketball, and what attracted you to the game?

A: I started playing in grade four. We had a really good Orillia Lakers program and I just decided to try out.

Q: I’ve heard of that program and only heard good things. What made you decide to choose number 9? Is there any significance to it?

A: There’s really no reasoning behind choosing number 9. In high school I wore number 3, but when I came here it wasn’t available, so I went with number 9 instead.

Q: Who’s your favorite NBA team and player, and why?

A: The Boston Celtics. I like that they have such good chemistry on the court. Everyone who’s on that team meshes together really well. My favorite player is Rajon Rondo. He’s had to overcome so much to get to where he is and has really developed well in the past couple of seasons.

Q:  That’s true, they have such a legacy of winning. Obviously having a team in Sudbury there is going to be a lot of traveling. What’s your favorite part of road trips?

A: My favorite part of road trips is the bus rides and traveling around Ontario. I think it’s a great experience to not always have to be in Sudbury every weekend and to see friends when you go to the different places. It’s good to travel around Ontario and to get to see all of the different university campuses.

Q: Where was your favorite road trip, and what made it so significant?

A: Last year at Thanksgiving, we flew to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. We played four games of very intense basketball in four days. It was such a great road trip and we had a lot of fun getting to know each other and to go sightseeing. Throughout the years I have been on the team, I have had the opportunity to travel all over Canada. I am very lucky to be a student athlete!

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