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SPAD Speaker Series Presents: Rob Faulds Sportsnet

By SPAD Blogger Andy Leach

On November 2nd, 2011 the SPAD students were pleased to welcome Mr. Rob Faulds to the stage, after being a highlight speaker at the 6thannual Guts and Glory Luncheon.

Rob Faulds shares his knowledge and experience with SPAD Students

Mr. Faulds began his broadcasting journey during his time at Western University (London, Ont), where he first started with the campus radio station. From here, Faulds moved to becoming an operator at a local radio station on a part time basis. This is where he learned many of the skills and tricks required to be successful in the field of broadcasting. From here, Faulds’ journey has led him to three Olympic Games including Vancouver 2010, and the upcoming 2012 London Games.  However, Faulds’ journey was not without setbacks, including two rejection letters he has kept to this day. His advice – keep trying. It was with the Sudbury Wolves that Faulds truly entered the sporting world, and this leads us into some of the lessons which Mr. Faulds was careful to emphasize to the students, as they progress through their education.

Firstly, a key message expressed was “Don’t put your blinders on”. He encouraged students to remain open to new opportunities despite how much they may desire a set goal. By doing this, it leaves you with options and contingency plans should a barrier come into play. Mr. Faulds credits some of his achievements to his versatility within his profession, by remaining versatile, as well as open to new pathways; he was able to take advantage of the opportunities presented to him throughout his career.

To conclude, Mr. Faulds was keen to emphasize how broadcasting was an ‘ever expanding empire, sometimes for the good; sometimes for the bad’ and how people are insatiable for the knowledge presented by broadcasters in all fields.

On behalf of the entire SPAD community, we would like to thank Mr. Faulds for sharing his valuable experiences with us, providing some good advice and we wish him all the best as he continues to broadcast our favorite sports.


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