2011Nov 10

SPAD Speaker Series Presents: Phil Legault SPAD’86

By SPAD Blogger Andy Leach

SPAD welcomes back Phil Legault SPAD'86

On November 9th, 2011, the Sports Administration students had the valuable opportunity to meet with Phil Legault SPAD ‘86 (@Legault_Phil), as he shared his experience from the communications industry. Mr. Legault has gained substantial experience during his 26 years working in communications, which started with a communications internship with the Ottawa Roughriders in 1986. From here, Legault began his steady elevation through his career, with positions of communications assistant for the Roughriders, followed by director of communications for the CSA. However, is was in the next chapter of his life that his career really took off, when he was hired by the Ottawa Senators in 1996. By 1998, Legault had become the Vice-President of Communications for the Senators, a position which he would hold until 2011. Today, he is the director of communications for Speed Skating Canada, a well-respected and successful Canadian sports organization.

With this impressive resume, Phil Legault was a perfect candidate to come in and share his communications knowledge with current students. He was able to elaborate on many communications issues present within society today that future SPAD graduates will have to deal with further into their careers. Some examples of these trends include: impact of social media, demand for volume vs. substance, and the impact of technology on communication methods.

The insights gained by students into these areas are the kind that can only arise from people such as Phil, who take time out of their busy schedules to pass on this insider knowledge. Two of the major areas of emphasis stressed by Legault were those of networking and volunteering. He believes that strong networks, made through relationships with employers, classmates, and acquaintances cannot be underestimated, and are a valuable trait to possess in the future. This is where volunteering plays its part, as it allows for networks to be built with organizations that can lead to permanent employment opportunities further down the line.

In closing, Mr. Legault was keen to state how obtaining a SPAD degree allowed him to keep his options open by providing him with knowledge in various areas of business. This has allowed him to find the career most suited to him, despite this path being unknown to him when he started his SPAD degree.

On behalf of the staff, students, and alumni, we wish Mr. Legault all the best in his endeavours with Speed Skating Canada, and look forward to hearing from him in the future.

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