2010Oct 7

SPAD Shinny Hockey is Back for 2010!

SPAD Shinny is BACK

SPAD Shinny is a perennial hockey league hosted at various arenas in Sudbury. Offering an environment in which the backyard hockey player can play alongside the highly skilled, in a no-pressure hockey league. Males and females alike are encouraged to work cohesively as a team. The league begins on the 15th of October, and runs until the 1st of April. Scheduled Friday afternoons at both 1 pm and 2 pm, games are played primarily at the Carmichael Arena, and Sudbury Arena, home to the Wolves. The four team league consists of an 18 game schedule, with equal balance between one and two o’clock games, as well as a numbered jersey, all this for the small fee of $200 (including a refundable $20 jersey deposit).

This years’ league will also provide statistics postings, including; goals, assists, save percentage and penalty minutes. Player registration is daily in West Residence from 11am until 2 pm, during the week of October 4th -8th. Posters are located at various places around campus. Please feel free to contact any organizer or the SPAD office if any questions arise.

This is a great experience and a good way to spend Friday afternoons. Last year’s league ran smooth and I found the weekly games to be a great way to get off campus once a week and play Canada’s game. You’ll meet new people and if you sign up with friends, the organizers will do their best to ensure you play on the same team. Feel free to contact us with any questions and we look forward to seeing you Fridays. Sign up now!

Michael J (mj_joyce@laurentian.ca)     Matt R (mc_rupoli@laurentian.ca)
Andrew H (am_hill@laurentian.ca)     Geoff G (gm_gascon@laurentian.ca)
Shannon O (sj_oreilly@laurentian.ca)     Stephen T (sm_tihal@laurentian.ca)

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