2012Oct 30

SPAD Professor Profile: Dana Ellis

By SPAD Blogger Cameron Brooks

This year the SPAD program welcomes its newest professor, Dana Ellis.  Dana is from Shelburne, Ontario, and has an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology (Western), masters in Human Kinetics (Ottawa), and is a big Manchester United fan. For her masters, Dana completed an internship with the Carleton University’s athletic department where she worked on sport marketing projects, and her PhD dissertation is on the topic of ambush marketing in the Olympic movement. I got the opportunity to catch up with Dana to talk to her about her time in SPAD so far.

Q: What caused you to want to be a university professor? What other careers did you want to pursue after you graduated?

A: I wanted to be a university professor because I enjoy all sides of a professor’s job. I enjoy teaching and being in the classroom interacting with students who have an interest in the same things as I do and who have as much to teach me as I do them. I also enjoy the whole research process from data collection and analysis, to writing. A career as a university professor which lets me combine these two things has always been my ideal profession, however, before beginning my PhD I did think about pursuing jobs in the area of sports marketing and sponsorship, particularly within mega-events.

Q: What do you think makes SPAD so unique from other programs, both at Laurentian and in Ontario?

A: The first reason I think SPAD is so unique is the nature of the program as the only sport management program which offers a business degree in Canada. I really like the opportunities offered to students through such elements as the consulting trip, the practical events course, and internships. The quality of faculty and students in the program is also a draw. The nature of the program as a pure sport management program ensures that the students who are coming into the program really want to be there, and have an interest in sport and sport management, just like I do. I also think SPAD is unique in the way it creates an atmosphere of family among the students and nurtures and values the long-term relationship it creates with alumni. Finally I appreciate SPAD’s professional approach to all aspects of a business education that starts from the first year. Focusing on details such as email etiquette, presentation skills, networking skills, dressing appropriately, and interacting with the corporate community in a professional manner. These things are too often overlooked and I love the fact that SPAD works so hard to ensure they are recognized as important.

Q: Which SPAD classes most interest you and represent the ones you would enjoy teaching?

A: I have been lucky enough that I am able to teach courses in some of my favourite subjects already this year, so that is great. In the future I would love to be involved in the field trip as it seems like a great experience. I am also interested in courses on event theory and maybe a course which focuses on sport brands or sponsorship if such courses were to be developed. I would also like to have more involvement in the ISM.

Q: How have you enjoyed your first two months as part of the SPAD family and how have you been received by students?

A: I have really enjoyed my time in SPAD so far. It really does feel like being part of a family. The students have all been great. They are extremely polite, helpful and enthusiastic. I enjoy when they just stop by to introduce themselves even if I’m not teaching them this term as I’ll likely be seeing them at some time throughout their career in SPAD.

Dana is currently teaching Sport Media and Communication to the third year SPAD students, among others later in the year.  Dana brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the classroom, and her attitude towards the SPAD brand is exactly what the students and professors want from her. We appreciate the time Professor Ellis took to speak with us and we look forward to watching her career with SPAD.

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