2013Feb 8

SPAD Prepares for Battle…SNOW BATTLE!

Yukigassen bannerBy SPAD Blogger Benoit Roy

The sport of Yukigassen has invaded Sudbury as the first ever Yukigassen Canada sanctioned event in Ontario is set to begin on February 8, 2013 at the Laurentian University Soccer Fields.  Yukigassen is a sport that originated in Japan, and, when translated to English, means “snow ball fight,” which describes the very nature of the sport.  The LU Snow Battle is a Yukigassen tournament which is essentially an organized snow ball fight and is also Laurentian University’s first outdoor winter event.  Third year SPAD students created the LU Snow Battle after partnering with Yukigassen Canada and have since formed an event that can only be defined as truly Canadian and one that fits the Sudbury winter season.  The tournament consists of Friday’s “Learnament” where participants will partake in exhibition games to learn the rules of the sport and to get familiar with strategy.  Round-robin play begins on Saturday and a bracket-style playoff will take place on Sunday where teams will battle until a champion is determined.  The grand prize for the 2013 LU Snow Battle presented by SGA/AGÉ is free pizza for the remainder of the academic school year from tournament Gold Sponsor, Fat Tuesday’s Pizza.

As mentioned, the first ever Yukigassen Canada sanctioned event in Ontario is presented by the SGA/AGÉ and the tournament’s Gold Sponsors are Fat Tuesday’s Pizza (705-593-9393) and Sostarich, Ross, Wright, and Cecutti, LLP. The LU Snow Battle’s Supporting Sponsors are Old Rock Roastery and Red Bull.  Fat Tuesday’s will be serving pizza just outside the Ken Banuk lounge on Saturday and Sunday by the registration area and Red Bull will be available to participants and spectators throughout the weekend to keep the battles going!  On top of these great amenities, BeaverTails will be offering everyone’s favourite winter treats at the LU Snow Battle, and KICX 91.7 FM and CTV News will be making an appearance on Saturday and Sunday as well.  Event organizers will be releasing tournament schedules, news, and promotions via the LU Snow Battle’s twitter feed, @LUSnowBattle, so ready your throwing arms and prepare for battle. KANPAI!

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