2012Jan 23

SPAD Partners with WebSimHockey: SPAD Students in the role of NHL GMs

Websimhockey and SPAD: A Great Partnership

By SPAD Blogger Adam Johnston

Think you have what it takes to be the next best general manager in the NHL? Do you question Brian Burke’s and every other GM’s every transaction? Ever wonder why a beer at the Air Canada Centre is ten dollars a pop? This term, 24 SPAD students will have the chance to test their NHL GM skills through the online simulator “WebSimHockey”.

The original goal of WebSimhockey is described on their website as follows:

“Web Sim Hockey is a strategic game that lets you manage every aspect of a professional hockey team including drafts, trades, lineups, finances, investments, contracts, news articles and much more. Develop your market in one of the 60 biggest cities in North America and beat your opponent by being the best strategist. Your decisions will influence your team’s success.”

SPAD Director Ann Pegoraro worked with WebSimHockey to great a partnership that will provide educational value for SPAD students and a new potential market for the company. The simulation is part of the inaugural course, ‘The Business of Hockey’, taught by Dr. Claude Vincent and Dr. Ann Pegoraro. Both professors were able to work with WebSimHockey to modify the simulation so that the focus would be on the business aspects as well as hockey operations. There is less emphasis on a manager’s win and loss record and more importance put on a team’s financial success.

Being one of the 24 general managers of the SPADHL, our own league, I can speak to how many details are involved with the league. It seems that every factor that would affect a team’s profitability is accounted for. GM’s can make arena adjustments; adjust the prices of beer and hot dogs as well as tickets. The league also takes into account revenue sharing, sponsorship and broadcast revenues.

Thus far it has been a great experience and allowed students to consider aspects of running an NHL team that they may have not considered prior to the simulation. Stay tuned to the SPAD Blog for updates on the SPADHL, the Business of Hockey class and the continued partnership with Websimhockey.

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