2010Feb 15

SPAD Olympic Road Trip Crew Live from Vancouver

Well, we did it. This city is going nuts right now after winning our first Gold medal on home soil. Congrats goes out to Alexandre Bilodeau capturing gold in mens moguls. So glad to finally break the ice; all of the dedication and hard work by the athletes has paid off. Heres to hoping it is only the start of a snowball affect. We watched some of the speed skating events in the Vogue theatre on a huge screen. The theatre was packed and the atmosphere was amazing when Groves won the Bronze.

As I’m sure you can imagine, now that we have arrived these blog posts will be less frequent – less frequent posts only means that we are having an amazing time and are too busy to write.

Last night we headed downtown Vancouver and to the Ontario House where we met up with fellow SPAD kids Imran Gill and Sean and Lawren Carroll. The place was very busy but worth waiting in a the Vancouver rain in line. Famous blues band Down Child played and were amazing.

More from the SPAD Crew at: http://sudbury-vanoc2010.blogspot.com/

Thanks for the post – sure sounds like the SPAD Crew is having a great time in Vancouver!

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