2010Feb 12

SPAD Olympic Road Trip Crew is Speechless in the Rockies

Latest post from the SPAD Road Trip Crew (Thanks to 2nd year student Reuben Greenspoon for keeping us updated on their trip)
Yep, they’re definitely rocky.
We left Calgary this morning (huge thanks to Blonda for the amazing hospitality) and are heading to Coquitlam for the night. Currently driving through Canmore, Alberta and wow these mountains are big. No sign of Mike yet, but we are keeping our eyes peeled.

Now we are driving through Banff National Park. Moutains are only getting bigger and bigger. Banff seems like an amazing town. People seemed to be very nice. Definitely a tourist town, apparently its also very expensive and caters to the rich American tourists.

The views are spectacular and the air is fresh. It was around +5 when we were driving to Banff.

Our arrival time in Coquitlam is around 9 or 10 tonight. Corey is driving right now for another couple hours and then I will take over again.

Right now the Olympics are a second thought in most of our heads as we take in the amazing views around us. Tomorrow is Vancouver’s turn, today we’ll appreciate the drive. More to come after I drive. Oh and I hear they are having some sort of ceremony for our arrival tonight and lighting a torch so we can see our way into the city at night, that’s nice of them.

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