2010Feb 13

SPAD Olympic Road Trip Crew arrives in BC

By Reuben Greenspoon, 2nd year SPAD Student

SPAD Road Trip Crew in Kicking Horse Valley

Driving to Vancouver > Flying to Vancouver without a doubt. Sorry guys, there’s just no comparison. Words cannot describe what we saw today.

Three hours from Vancouver. Staying in Coquitlam tonight at Debbie’s place.

The Rockies were amazing, it felt like every 5 minutes I was pointing something out and saying “wow”. The massive slopes and snow covered evergreens were amazing. The drive from Banff to where we took the picture at Kicking Horse was fairly straight but as soon as I took over from Corey it seemed to just be winding mountain roads like something from a movie. Between Corey and I we took over 200 pictures in about 5 or 6 hours.

more at http://sudbury-vanoc2010.blogspot.com/

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