2010Nov 11

SPAD & NFL Football: Great Match!!

By Lukas Hayes, 3rd SPAD Student

SPAD & the Buffalo Bills!!

What a weekend! A number of students (8 of them SPAD, including: Lawren and Sean Carroll, Kory Lafreniere, Brianne Pankoff, Caroline Rankin, Lukas Hayes, Brent Hurley and Cole Julien) had the opportunity to take in the NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears over the weekend. This game is part of the “Bills in Toronto” campaign that the NFL has been conducting. We left on Saturday afternoon so that we would have plenty of time to take in the sights of Toronto and relax for a night before the big game. On a side note, we watched Hockey Night in Canada on the Saturday night, which left a lot of Leaf fans in a sour mood in our hotel room.

The next morning, we moved hotels to a downtown location that was within walking distance of the Rogers Center. By the time we arrived at the hotel and got settled, it was time to go to the game. Walking around the Rogers Center, there were numerous promotions and giveaways for the crowd to enjoy. We all collected towels to wave for the Bills, and headed inside. The atmosphere inside the building was electric to start the game. It seemed that there were more fans of the storied Bears franchise than Bills, and the rivalry continued all game. I could tell that all of us were very into the game, as we cheered loudly for any action. The halftime show featured the band Hinder and a lot of festivity. The game progressed, and the Bills ended up losing a heartbreaker 22-19. The game was very close and came down to the final few snaps.

The rest of Sunday saw us relaxing in the hotel, as we were all exhausted from an entertaining, fun-filled day. Monday morning saw us load up the mini-van at 5:30 AM in order to make our sport marketing class. Unfortunately, the early exit was for naught, as Dr. Pegoraro’s flight had been delayed and class was canceled. The early wakeup was the only downside to an otherwise awesome weekend!

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