2012Oct 9

SPAD Internship Profile: Jamie Howlett and the Olympic Games

By SPAD Blogger Benoit Roy

Jamie Howlett is a fourth-year SPAD student currently finishing his internship with the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC).  Expecting to complete his internship entirely in Canada, Jamie received a phone call explaining that he was to report to London as a volunteer for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.  Jamie’s story happens to be very distinct and this is what Jamie had to say about his time with the COC and at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

Real world experience can be one of the greatest learning tools in a student’s education and through my internship at the Canadian Olympic Committee this statement couldn’t be truer.  Through my work in the Sport Department I have learned how much detail, organization, communication, and teamwork impacts everyday life in the sports business industry.  On a day-to-day basis leading up to the Games it was all hands on deck.  I was a part of our cargo shipments, developing transportation guides for our team, working on our sport federation contracts, and other logistical projects.  Just as I was ready to take time and breathe back home, while our team was across supporting our athletes in London, I had gotten a surprise phone call that I’ll never forget.

I was blessed with an offer to come over and join our village operations team for the Olympic Games.  Of course, it was an easy offer to accept and the next morning I was on a plane across the pond to be a part of Team Canada.  Working inside the athletes’ village, our team and I were responsible for making sure our athletes’ village experience allowed them to keep a high level of performance at the Games.  This included taking care of their transportation, living accommodations, village passes, and ensuring other needs were taken care of.  Despite all the work and long days it was a dream come true and worth every minute to work directly with our team and inside the village.

The knowledge, hands-on projects, and industry insight provided in our SPAD program is directly related to my opportunity with the COC and the success I’ve had with my internship.  SPAD and the amazing COC team have given me an internship experience that I know is hard to rival within the industry.  I am looking forward to my final months here in Ottawa and seeing the beautiful SPAD family come 2013.

After coming home from London, Jamie went right back to work on other projects as other opportunities have kept coming up.  He was responsible for managing several projects for the 2012 Celebration of Excellence and Hall of Fame Gala which took place in Ottawa and Toronto.  Jamie’s duties included the transportation of Olympians in Ottawa and logistics during and after the parade.  At the Gala, Jamie was able to mingle with the likes of Scott Niedermayer and Roberto Luongo in an event that raised more than $3 million for Canadian Olympic athletes.  Jamie will be finishing his internship in December of 2012 and is set to graduate next spring.  Be sure to follow Jamie on twitter (@_JamieHowlett_) to follow his story and his experiences working for the Canadian Olympic Committee.

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