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SPAD in Scotland – Summer 2010

A Blog Post by SPAD Internship Students Julia Kay & Victoria Kulczycki

Where to start…

Being in Scotland has been amazing so far.  We are both working for Scottish Gymnastics which is located on the Stirling University Campus in Stirling which is in the middle of Central Scotland.  The offices are in Airthrey Castle on campus and the office windows look over the 9-hole university golf course, can’t really get any better. The organization was able to help us rent a flat in a little village just outside of Stirling called Menstrie.  We are only a 45 minute train ride to Edinburgh and a 30 min ride to Glasgow and taking the bus to work only take five minutes. To say the least we are perfectly situated which has made things a lot easier!

Living here has been an adjustment, such as driving on the other side of the road, the accent (that was a tough one to get used too), and currency to only name a few.  We work Monday to Friday, but are done at noon on Fridays which fits perfectly with all our traveling plans.  We have already been to St.Andrews, Edinburgh and Glasgow several times, York and Blackpool.  St.Andrews was amazing as it was already getting ready and setting up for The Open, the beaches were beautiful and the university was incredible.  There are endless things to do in Edinburgh and Glasgow.  Edinburgh has a more cultural feel, with the castle and parliament buildings being there but also has a great student vibe as it is home to several different Universities and Colleges.  Glasgow though is just an unreal time; we found out that it was the place to go if you want a great Scottish night out. Endless rows of night clubs and gorgeous markets with restaurants and museums, oh and did we mention the shopping!!

Our last two months are jammed packed with traveling.  We are doing a tour of Ibrox Stadium which is home to the Rangers FC and is part of the Scottish Premier League.  We have trips to London, Belfast, and Isle of Skye (northern island in Scotland supposed to be gorgeous!) booked.  We are going to be here when Edinburgh is having its famous festival and are going to see the Military Tattoo show.  It’s really turned out amazing, we work Monday to Friday and then travel on the weekends as much as we can, really couldn’t have asked for anything better.

So yes, we are traveling a lot but in terms of work and what we are getting out of the organization it has been interesting to say the least.  We are interns of Scottish Gymnastics but our main work is with Fitness Scotland which is the governing body for health and fitness in Scotland.  They are an organization that was taken under the Scottish Gymnastics umbrella 5 years ago and are at a stage where they able to take the company in a new direction.  Our big project for the summer is to develop a strategic analysis of Fitness Scotland and do the research to create a new vision and mission statement for the organization.  We are basically deciding which route the company should now go… the cool thing is that neither of us have ever done this before so it has been a learning experience right from the get go.  We were intimidated by such a big task at the start but now we are in the swings of things and are excited to have a worthwhile project that we are proud of and can bring back home with us.

That’s about it!! We fly home on August 28th and can’t believe how fast it is approaching.  We would never have been able to do this without SPAD, which has been an amazing program from the start.

– Vic and Julia

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