2013Jan 29

SPAD Heats up the Sudbury Winter

Suitcase_pic 1By SPAD Blogger Benoit Roy

Just when the weather in Sudbury started to dip below -40°C and the spirits of SPAD students began falling like the heavy-packed snow on campus, a much needed dose of heat was added by the 2013 SGA Suitcase Party presented by Breakaway Tours.  Organized by third and fourth year SPAD students, Liam Dougherty, Alex Foeller, Sam Gibson, Trent McCrory, and Patrick Robertson, the beach-themed SGA Suitcase Party was held on the evening of January 19, 2013 and played host to over 300 LU students.  The event plays on the old style of a suitcase party where attendees would actually bring suitcases full of prizes in the middle of winter, and the grand prize winner would be sent on vacation the same night.  A few things have changed since then, but the spirit of the SGA Suitcase Party resembles its original concept, with a grand prize presented by Breakaway Tours: a FREE trip voucher to (hopefully) someplace warm.  In past years, the SGA Suitcase Party has been held at the Pub Downunder, but this year’s venue, the Alumni Hall, allowed the event organizers to take advantage of its size and space.  With DJ service provided by DJ Animo and a of couple licensed bartenders, the traditional pub scene was transformed into a modern party atmosphere.  Surely, this transformation was a warranted change.

Regardless, some things never change.  The array of prizes available were quite extensive and contributions were made by supporting sponsors Red Bull, Eddie’s Restaurant, New Orleans Pizza and Bianco’s Supercenter, among other partners.  Amidst the flurry of available prizes, the top prizes were comprised of a Blackberry Playbook and a 43-inch plasma TV provided by Bianco’s Supercenter and the winners were Dr. Claude Vincent and fourth-year student Keith Martin respectively.  The ultimate grand prize of a FREE trip voucher contributed by Breakaway Tours was won by first-year student David Maika.

According to event organizer and SPAD Student Council SGA Representative, Liam Dougherty, “the Suitcase Party went very well for the organizers from sponsorship, to planning, to set up, and finally, the execution of the event.  We had a great time throughout the process and would like to thank everyone who bought a ticket – all 342 of you who came out to party.”  Despite the cold, Laurentian students can appreciate a temporary relief from an unkind Sudbury winter with the prospect of being sent to the tropics for free; the SGA Suitcase Party presented by Breakaway Tours offered that relief, even if it was just for one night.

Check out some of the fun by clicking here and viewing the latest episode on the SPAD YouTube Channel.


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