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SPAD Graduate Profile – Jeffrey Howlett

17d3c17I had the pleasure to interview a more recent SPAD graduate, Jeffrey Howlett who earned his diploma between the years of 2010-2014.

Jeff was drawn to sports administration because of his connection with many sports, especially, his passion for snowboarding. He thought that the program would help him find a career within the snowboarding world.

Growing up in a small town just outside of London, Ontario, Jeff Howlett found his interests originally sparkedScreen Shot 2017-11-14 at 5.06.31 PM
by the thrill of playing hockey, soccer, baseball, essentially anything sporting related. Soon after Jeff discovered his love for snowboarding, and spent most of his time at the local mountain Loon. He is also an avid photographer and loves to spend his time in the outdoors whether it be fishing, camping, or mountain biking.

Eventually he found himself in Sudbury, Ontario, and enrolled in SPAD, and gained the role of Social Convener for the SPAD council, planning events such as SPAD Formal and St. Spaddies Day. Jeff said that “being a part of council was a good way to earning more connections and friends as well as the experience of meetings in a more formal matter, which he said was one of the best skills he learned during his time in the program.

whistler-blackcombAfter graduation, Jeff decided to pack up and move to Whistler, B.C, where he had previously completed an internship and started a new job as Senior Sales Coach for the Ski School which he did for two years. He than decided to follow his dreams and make a few month trip to Japan, a country known for its plentiful snowfall; otherwise known as a boarder’s paradise.

Today, Jeff spends his days working as the After Sales Service Representative for outer wear clothing giants Arcteryx, in which he handles various duties, most involve customers and their issues with warranty claims. Although having recently joined the company just a few months ago, he is making progress by remembering a few things taught in SPAD. He says that the lessons learned in SPAD and to his recollection the Championship Selling course built him a foundation of “being able to be confident in myself and thinking and building myself as a brand”. As well Jeff said that the amount of learning about resumes and cover letters as well as presentation skills, helped him land every position he has held since graduating.

UnknownBeing a part of Arcteryx, a company in which he has looked up to since his introduction to snowboarding, is a giant step for him, as it puts him into a position in which he can learn the do’s and don’ts of the industry that he wishes to be in for the remainder of his career. A future goal is to eventually run his own business, most likely within the snowboarding industry, and Jeff is poised to do so with the skills he has learned during both his studies and travels. His vision for the future is to work hard, making his way up the ladder at Arcteryx and in his words “probably do some snowboarding as well”.

Contributor: Jeffrey Howlett

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