2011Sep 16

SPAD Frosh Day – Welcome to the Family!

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Berlingieri

SPAD Frosh 2011

With another year on the rise, the SPAD student council held its annual Frosh Day for the first year students to get to know each other. The day began with introductions from the council, followed by introductions from the frosh explaining where they were from and an embarrassing story to help break the ice. Following introductions the frosh headed to the soccer fields for pizza and pop. While waiting for lunch council kept the frosh occupied with a couple of competitive team-building exercises. Once lunch had arrived and was finished the frosh pilled onto the classic yellow school bus and headed to Dodge This! paintball field in Garson, Ontario.

The athleticism of the first year SPAD students was put on display with two games of paintball. The first game, which was capture the flag, took place in the forest, offering a natural setting feel. The second game took on the main field where players used the props set up as cover. Many of the frosh were covered in paint and came off the field bruised from battle. The frosh again piled on the bus and headed back to campus where the council had organized a barbeque to assist the frosh in getting to know the upper year students and their faculty.

The barbeque took place at the Ken Bahnuk Lounge, located near the Ben Avery Gymnasium. There the first year students had the opportunity of meeting upper year students and ask them questions. The frosh also had the opportunity to meet Director Dr. Ann Pegoraro, SPAD Faculty members Dr. Anthony Church, Dr. Claude Vincent, Dr. Xiaoyan Xing, and SPAD Secretary Lynn Levac. The students also had the privilege of meeting a well-known economics professor Dr. Byron Eastman. Everyone in attendance enjoyed burgers, hotdogs, pop, and chips, as well as a cake to celebrate yet another beginning to a year full of new students. On behalf of SPAD Council, and the SPAD program, I would like to welcome the SPAD frosh to their new family for the next 4 years.

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