2010Sep 10

SPAD Frosh Day Today

I bet that title brings back a few memories for SPAD Alumni out there! Paintball and BBQ on tap for today. I thought I would post a picture of the new track and athletic facilities for all to see. Nice addition here at LU.

Had a great first week of classes! Met the incoming SPAD Frosh on Wednesday in our SPAD 0100 class and learned some interesting tidbits about some of them. There was a great debate on favorite hockey teams and players and we got to know everyone’s hometown. Seems that SPAD is big in the Peterborough area this year and it might be hard to keep all the “ALEX’s” and “JOHN’s” sorted out. We have students from all over Ontario, Alberta, across Canada and even from China this year. Also had first class for 3rd yr SPAD in Sport Marketing – looks like it should be a good class with lively debate -wouldn’t expect anything less from SPAD Students!

As usual the first week has been hectic. Big welcome back to all returning students and to our student council lead by Chris Ackroyd. Chris has assured me that the Council has some fun planned for this year including a new offering of SPAD Wear  – so stay tuned for details on that. We hope to have our SPAD student bloggers selected and ready to start posting next week so get ready for some great inside stories on life in SPAD. Enjoy the Frosh Day and the weekend ahead – and the start of the NFL Season!

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