2010Sep 24

SPAD Frosh Day: More than just a program: it’s a lifestyle!

By Cole Julien, 3rd Year SPAD Student, Student Council Vice President

SPAD Frosh Sharing Funny, Personal Stories

SPAD Frosh day started out with a brief meeting where the SPAD Council presented the frosh with a short slide show to tell the frosh what this program is all about and to show them what they have to look forward to in the future of this wonderful program. The council and frosh swapped names, hometowns, and funny stories about one another to get to know each other before a long day of activities.

After the meeting everyone had pizza and pop for lunch and the frosh got to know each other a little better with a couple icebreaker games. This is where the competitive nature of SPAD started to show in all the young frosh. After lunch the frosh were challenged both physically and mentally in a game of paintball at Dodge This! in Garson, Ontario. The frosh played in a series of games including elimination in the main field and capture the flag on Hamburger Hill. By the end of afternoon all the frosh were covered in paint head-to-toe with the majority of them having bumps and bruises from battle. There were even some frosh that didn’t want to leave because they were having such a good time.

SPAD Frosh taking a break from the Paintball action

After returning to campus, Frosh Day ended with the frosh attending a meet and greet with faculty and upper year students. There were more upper year students then ever before. This gave the frosh the opportunity to meet more people and ask questions to the students that were in their shoes just a few years ago. The frosh had the pleasure of being introduced to the Director Dr. Ann Pegoraro, Secretary Lynn Levac, Assistant Professor and Internship Coordinator Dr. Anthony Church, and Professor Tyler Aird. Both faculty and students enjoyed burgers, hotdogs, chips and pop for dinner and for desert the frosh were lucky enough to enjoy a SPAD cake in the shape of the SPAD logo, which was a SPAD Frosh day first. In the end SPAD Frosh day was a success and the future of SPAD is in great hands.

SPAD Frosh Class of 2014!

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