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SPAD Frosh Day 2014

By: Tyler Fitch

2014-2015 SPAD Frosh

2014-2015 SPAD Frosh Class

For many, the beginning of September represents the ending of summer and the beginning of school. Making the transition from high school to university can seem daunting, especially for those who don’t know anyone at their new university. Luckily, the students entering their first year of Sports Administration are coming into a program that is close-knit like no other. SPAD Frosh Day, for many, is the day where people will meet others who will one day turn into lifelong friends. This year, there are 78 frosh, a much larger group than previous years. No matter how many first years there are, the tradition of going paintballing on Frosh Day needed to be upheld.

The day began by meeting at the Ben Avery gym, where ice-breakers and introductions were to be held. Students who arrived early took advantage of the location and played basketball while waiting for others who had come from Friday morning class. Once everyone had arrived, council began with their introductions before passing it off to the frosh, who shared their names, where they were from, and an interesting fact about themselves. This transitioned into another ice-breaking game, where students were split up into teams and had to work together to answer questions and elect members who best represented various categories.

From here, the students boarded two buses that drove across town to Dodge This Paintball. Each frosh was given a gun, 100 paintballs, and a mask, and began by playing in a wooded area filled with hills, trenches, and valleys. The students fought through rain, mud, and poor visibility in the beginning, and many emerged from the forest with mud and paint covering most of their bodies. As the first years returned to the front, council began handing out pizza that had just been delivered. During the break, the sun finally emerged and more frosh went out for subsequent rounds on the main course, filled with small buildings, cars, and obstacles. After a couple more hours passed by, it was time to take the iconic Frosh picture and return to residence for a break before reconvening later in the night.

Later in the night, frosh and council met Professor Zinn and Dr. Eastman at Wacky Wings, where the first years took the valuable opportunity to connect and network with the upper years on council as well as the faculty that will be working with them for the upcoming years.

Check out some of the highlights from the day:

SPAD Council would like to thank all the frosh as well as the faculty for making the day a great success, and look forward to seeing everyone at numerous SPAD events throughout the year.

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