2010Mar 23

SPAD Field Trip: Golden State & Stockton Thunder

On the fourth day of the field trip SPAD student groups were in full presentation mode. Besides the presentation to Oakland A’s, students presented to the Golden State Warriors and Stockton Thunder.

For Golden State, the student group looked at ways to improve the team’s social media presence. For most organizations, social media as become a hot topic. Thankfully the SPAD students were able to provide some good advice and ideas to the Team. Great work by the SPAD team consisting of Danielle Funger, John Hood, Brian Gallant, Pierre Huneault and Kyle Davidson !!

The Stockton Thunder were treated to some good advice and ideas from ‘hockey’ mad Canadian students. As most people know, SPAD knows hockey and this project allowed students to showcase this knowledge and provide good ideas to Stockton for their local fan base. SPAD and Hockey – an inseparable duo. Way to do SPAD proud Ryan Best, Sean Wilson, Nick Polito, Kurt Mispel-Bayer.

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