2015Mar 10

SPAD Events – The Inaugural Sportsnet Video Game Tournament Presented by PepsiCo

By Blog Contributor David Maika

What encompasses any event run by SPAD? The first thing that comes to mind is a display of physical talent. Events such as the Hockey Tournament, Ultimate Frisbee or Flag Football, are a showcase of athleticism for individuals and teams. Another aspect of SPAD events includes the unique and friendly atmosphere that makes the tournaments so enjoyable. This fun and special atmosphere was very evident in the most recent SPAD event, the inaugural Sportsnet Video Game Tournament presented by PepsiCo.

This tournament strayed away from the normal physically active event, which offered a nice change of pace from other events hosted this year. “The Video Game Tournament offered a glimpse into the creative mind of a SPAD student,” said participant Jeremy Ketchen. “It was a great change of pace to see something new and different. When speaking to some of the first years who look to run this event in the future, we agreed that this event has the potential to be one of the most successful events run in the year. There is such a high ceiling because of the popularity in video games and the way this event differentiates itself from the rest.”


Event Organizers (Top Row) Evan Kwan, Tyler Fitch and (Bottom Row) Shawn Salaj, Emma King, David Maika

The event consisted of two competitive tournaments and an arcade area. The competitive tournaments included the NHL 15 Tournament presented by Sportsnet and the FIFA 15 Tournament presented by Frito-Lay. Each tournament consisted of 16 individuals battling for video game supremacy and each tournament winner walked away with a $100 Future Shop gift certificate, $25 bookstore gift certificate and an Xbox One lanyard.

The Arcade Area presented by Pepsi was a pay-per-play zone that featured games such as Call of Duty, NBA 2K15, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Need for Speed, Street Fighter and Rock Band. For a small fee, participants could play the game of their choice. Based off their scores, players would be awarded raffle tickets for awesome prizes such as Xbox One prize packages, Toronto Blue Jays tickets and more!

The day started at 10AM, when SPAD Blog’s own Tyler Fitch commenced the NHL 15 draft. Based off a randomized draft order, participants would select their teams from the Sportsnet desk. Upon completion of the NHL draft, the FIFA 15 draft was underway. This time, participants had their teams selected for them at random, with the opportunity to reselect. Once the drafts were complete, the games were underway! Each tournament consisted of four divisions, with the top two from each division advancing to the Quarter Finals. The atmosphere was awesome, with some games ending in blowouts and some games going down to the wire. After the smoke cleared, the field was cut in half, as eight teams from each tournament moved on. The games raged on, and after close games in the semifinals, the championship for NHL and FIFA commenced. With a good crowd on hand, the FIFA 15 final began. Fellow SPAD Blog writer Alex Saunders duked it out against SPAD frosh, Jake Sparks.  In the end the veteran prevailed, and Mr. Saunders was the FIFA 15 Champion. In the NHL 15 finals, 2nd year SPAD student Mitch Schnitzler battled SPAD frosh Eric Foster. There seemed to be a trend prevalent, as the veteran prevailed and Schnitzler was dubbed the NHL 15 champion!

The tournament organizers would like to thank their volunteers for all their hard work, as well as to all those who lent their equipment. Another big thank you goes out to the sponsors of the event, which include:

  • Sportsnet
  • PepsiCo
  • Pepsi
  • Microsoft
  • Laurentian University Bookstore
  • Motley Kitchen
  • Crocodile Printing
  • Wacky Wings
  • Buck or Two Plus
  • Cosmic Dave’s Guitar Emporium
  • Cosmic Dave’s Vinyl Emporium

Just around the corner lies the last SPAD event of the year- The Laurentian University 3rd Annual Dodgeball Tournament. Registration is underway and the event will be held in the Ben Avery Fieldhouse on Saturday, March 21st.  For more information regarding the tournament, follow them on Twitter (@LUDodgeball2015) or on Facebook.

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