2014Feb 5

SPAD Day! Message from Bob Wanzel

SPADLogo1Feb. 5, 2014:

I read the Globe and Mail paper today and realized, in my mind, it was a SPAD day.

The Report on Business section had a story on Rogers and the NHL television contract. Quoted in the story was SPAD grad Dale Hooper, senior vice-president of marketing and consumer insights at Rogers.

The sports section had a story on the Ottawa RedBlacks, the new CFL team, and quoted its General Manager, SPAD grad Marcel Desjardins.

How perfect is that for SPAD, a business degree in Sports Administration!

Once again I’m struck by how proud I am of all the SPAD grads. No matter your career path, you all contribute to making society better.

I was reflecting on the loss of two SPAD profs, Billy Harris and Steve Harrington, who both contributed greatly to SPAD.  I realized that I started my SPAD teaching career in 1974 and 40 years later we all have a program that should fill us with pride.

I encourage everyone who reads this note to be a SPAD supporter so that today’s grads feel part of the family and great tradition. Keep the university aware of your contact information (spadalumni@gmail.com), help a new grad when needed, be a part of the SPAD golf tourney if you are around, contribute financially to the program when possible and join us at SPAD alumni social evenings if you are in the area.

Alumni drove the initial success of SPAD and a strong alumni thrust will keep SPAD as a dominant program.

Best wishes in your endeavours.


Dr. Bob Wanzel

Professor emeritus

School of Sports Administration

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