2010Feb 23

SPAD Class of 2000- Olympic Reunion!!

(l-r) Leigh Grigg, Andrew Pitre, Joey McColeman - SPAD 2000

By Joey McColeman SPAD’00

I just returned home from an exhilarating week as a spectator at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games where the class of 2000 was well-represented.

10 years after having gone to Lausanne, Switzerland for our 4th year field trip to the IOC, followed by a stint working for Sydney’s Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games with a number of other SPAD grads, I got to kick off this new year – a decade later, as one of the selected official Olympic Torchbearers running through Wawa, Ontario,(www.torchrelayday66.blogspot.com)
and capped off the experience with some fellow SPAD 2000 mates in Vancouver.

A trip originally planned by my Sydney roommate, fellow SPAD 2000 grad Eric Wallace, who unfortunately couldn’t make the trip to Vancouver, resulted in my heading there with my brother to witness Alexandre Bilodeau capture Canada’s first ever gold medal live on home turf in Cypress, causing a roar heard across the entire nation and the most incredible atmosphere you could imagine.  We were also able to see some ski jump, curling and both Canada’s and Russia’s opening round hockey games.  Prior to heading out to the west coast, I was able to touch base with a few more 2000ers who would be out there-  Robyn Gear who was catching all of the Whistler event action, as well as Andrew Pitre working in the venue control centre at the Richmond Olympic Oval and Leigh Grigg who was working at Canada Hockey House.   It was an awesome time made even better by catching up with some old friends for a few laughs before going to watch the Russians take care of Latvia  .  A tight graduating class already ten years out of the program who I know will have many more good times together to reminisce about our experiences of Olympic proportions!

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