2011Feb 9

SPAD celebrates the Super Bowl

By SPAD Blogger Lukas Hayes

The SPAD Superbowl party was in full swing again this year, as the Pittsburgh Steelers battled the Green Bay Packers. With both franchises being so storied, it was apparent that almost every fan had some loyalties to one of the teams. Whether is was the fans who “couldn’t stand” it to see the Steelers win another one, or the bandwagon Cheese-heads who wanted to see Aaron Rodgers finally completely cement himself in the hearts of Packer fans. The Packers came out flying, jumping out to a 21-3 lead before the Steelers seemed to know they were in a Superbowl. Many people groaned, as we had all hoped for a close, exciting game. People who had happened to gamble on the Packers were enjoying the game very much however.

The Steelers managed a late TD to make it 21-10 at the half. At halftime, the Black Eyed Peas performed a show that brought the fans at the packed Cowboys stadium to their feet. The second half saw the Steelers come out with some jump, and second-year SPAD Jamie Howlett was finally glad that he wore his Steelers jersey to the event. Classmates Andrew Berlingieri and Patrick Smoke were sure to take jabs at him when the Packers managed any big plays. The game ended up being close, as the Packers won their 4th title, primarily due to their 21 points off of 3 Steelers turnovers. SPAD 3rd Student Alannah Della Vedova, a diehard Packers fan, could be heard exclaiming, “this is the happiest day of my life” over and over again, while her father, a Steelers fan, was seen hanging his head in disbelief.

As with all events, students did not leave empty handed. Many great prizes were up for grabs through the raffle and Stephen Tihal, Kory Lafreniere, Brent Hurley and Patrick Smoke all walking away with new NFL jerseys. MacKenzie Young won a trip to Quebec City to the Red Bull Crashed Ice event.

The game and event were a complete success and we all wish Dr. Church well in his recovery from witnessing the Steelers defeat.

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