2012Oct 8

SPAD Bowling Night

By SPAD Blogger Brianne Pankoff

On the night of Wednesday October 3rd, SPAD Students took to the alleys of Plaza Bowl for the much anticipated annual SPAD Bowling Event.  The night kicked off as always with some with some billiards and beverages in the SSR Games Room as everyone mentally prepared themselves for the night ahead.  50 SPAD students hopped on the bus to Plaza Bowl and of course, it wouldn’t be a SPAD trip without some Laddy’s.  Popular targets included second year student council rep Sean Meyers and first year Nathalie Mihalek who all took the jokes in good stride.

At the bowling alley students from years one to four faced off, demonstrating their skills at 5-pin bowling.  After two games before heading back to Laurentian, there were some clear winners of the group:

  • High Score and MVP goes to Tommy “The Turkey” Zaplatel with a score of 240, who took the competition seriously, bringing his own bowling balls and bowling shoes to play.
  • Most Creative Technique went to 3rd year Alex Foeller, demonstrating countless unique ways to throw the ball down the lane, including an around the back shot-put.
  • Rookie of the Year is to be shared by all of the SPAD Frosh who came out to the event.  It was a great turnout from the first years who got to meet and bond with the rest of the SPAD vets.
  • And last but not least, The Participation Award goes out to Brady Scott who had trouble hitting the actual pins, but no difficulty hitting the lane shield barrier (perhaps he should stick to Flag Football).

To those students looking for a rematch, you may not have to wait another year.  Council is looking to do another SPAD Bowling night second semester to meet the demand, and for another fun night of friendly competition on the lanes.

Click here to check out some of the fun on the latest episode of the SPAD YouTube channel.


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