2010Nov 18

SPAD at JMSM Conference: Cabbie Loves SPAD

By Lukas Hayes and Cole Julien: SPAD Bloggers

Link to Cole's Interview with Cabbie

When 30 SPAD students get together for a weekend, it’s inevitable that there will be a lot of fun times and memories created. This couldn’t have been truer for the Montreal trip that we embarked on from November 11th-14th for the 15th annual John Molson Sport Marketing Conference.

The trip started out shaky, as we had a tire blowout before we could leave. A quick call to Enterprise solved the problem, and we were on our way. The convoy arrived in Montreal with time to get ready and hear the representative from the Montreal Canadiens speak for an hour. Thursday night was “rep your team” night, as all 30 SPAD students wore their favorite jersey out on the town.

SPAD & Cabbie: Great Combination

The weekend progressed as we heard from more speakers from different groups, including Reebok-CCM, the Philadelphia Eagles, Synchro Sports, the Montreal Alouettes, Field Day Inc., the Surin Group. Saturday night saw the conference go to the John Molson brewery for a dinner, open bar, and a presentation from Cabral “Cabbie” Richards. Cabbie shared his various stories from traveling with different athletes and gave good insight into what the media personalities experience in the sports industry. Cabbie took the time out to do an interview with SPAD Blogger Cole Julian (take a look by clicking on link above) and took a picture with all of us in attendance.

Overall it was a very fun-filled and educational weekend as SPAD represented Laurentian proudly. Many of our students asked intelligent questions and took the opportunity to network with different speakers after their presentations. I’m currently writing from the van ride back home and can see a lot of tired faces in our convoy. Although we are worn out, everyone had an amazing time and look forward to going back next year.

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