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SPAD and Voyageurs Continue Partnership in 2014/15

By Blog Contributor Tyler Fitch

One of the most attractive features of the Sports Administration program at Laurentian University is the amount of hands-on work students experience before earning their degree. Building off of last year’s success, SPAD and Laurentian Athletics have once again partnered in order to give students the opportunity to apply material learned in class, while playing a prominent role in the production of Voyageurs hockey, basketball, and soccer games.

Voyageurs Hockey returned to Laurentian in the 2013/14 Season.

Voyageurs Hockey returned to Laurentian for the 2013/14 Season.

Third-year SPAD students Erica Newman and Melissa Johnstone are managing the men’s basketball twitter account (@VoyageursMBB) for the second year and have also spearheaded the women’s soccer twitter account (@VoyageursWSOC) for the upcoming season. Johnstone believes the experience will help her with her job aspirations.

“I really enjoy social media as well as marketing, and those are two things that I consider as career opportunities for myself,” she said. “I’ve really learned the value of the information we provide and the effect it has on some of our followers. We have people who regularly retweet us and tweet at us, mainly on the men’s account, and are very interactive and engaged in the teams. I think they are very happy [with Athletics adding social media].”

Men’s and women’s hockey, basketball, and soccer all have twitter accounts that are managed by SPAD students, with others helping out in different ways. Second-year student Ben Goodman managed the statistics for both hockey teams last year, and will now be the video coach for the men’s hockey team this year. Like Johnstone, he is confident this experience will be beneficial in the future, as he hopes to one day pursue a career in hockey operations.

“I think my position with the team will be a really valuable experience and a huge step for my development. Over the last year I’ve been trying a lot of different things in different parts of the game so that I could really understand the kind of environment that I’ll be dealing with, but this is really my first shot at contributing directly to a hockey team,” Goodman said. “This season is going to give me a lot of room to grow and a lot of chances to make an impact. I’m really looking forward to it.”

We are excited to closely follow SPADs contribution to Laurentian Athletics and sharing in all of the Voyageurs successes this season. Best of luck to all of our teams, and click on the link below to follow them on twitter.

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