2010Nov 22

SPAD and Movember: A Hairy Tale

By Brent Hurley, SPAD Blogger

The month formally known as November, has all but officially been re-named to help raise awareness about prostate cancer. On Movember 1ST, 2010 boys and men worldwide started growing moustaches in support of the fight against this disease. Based on the similar idea of October being breast cancer awareness month where everyone wears pink in support, Movember features males rocking moustaches.

Being the always supportive people we are, obviously many SPAD students can be seen around campus with unnecessary hair on their upper lips. Whether it is a nice full handlebar moustache or more of a caterpillar across the lip, all efforts are respected. This obviously leads to both males and females judging and complimenting dusters. For us guys that can’t grow in a full thick beauty (yet), Movember simply provides us the opportunity to not only be extra lazy, but also try to grow the dustiest duster.

Imran or Officer Thorny?

At just over the halfway point of the month, there are some great ’staches already filling in. Imran Gill is doing his best Officer Thorny impression from Super Troopers as his moustache thickens up and keeps him warm under his goalie mask. Also using his years to his advantage, Luke Hayes looks to grow a good start into a proper moustache by month’s end. Not to be out done by the greybeards, many of the frosh fellas can be seen with some noticeably extra stubble, which just might be considered more than a missed spot (shaving) by the conclusion of Movember. Unlikely to be so lucky is SPAD President Christopher Ackroyd, who actually just discovered his fourth moustache hair (looks like three and a half, but we’ll round up).

Stay tuned for a follow-up article in early December to review some of the best SPAD dusters and also hopefully have some news on the SPAD ladies support (we all wore pink, where’s the MO!?!). We’ll also have some pictures of the finest SPAD ’staches, so keep up the support! For all those of age, don’t forget to hit the pub (moustache and all) Wednesday December 1ST as the Pub Downunder does Movember.

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