2012Dec 4

SPAD Alumni Profile: Jamie Saull

SPAD Student Council President, Scott Rodgers (left) presents Jamie Saull (SPAD’12) with SPAD coasters as a thank you gift.

By SPAD Blogger Benoit Roy

The SPAD Speaker Series continued on November 29, 2012 with an appearance made by recent SPAD graduate and former SPAD Student Council President, Jamie Saull (SPAD’12).  Jamie is currently the Marketing Coordinator at TSN in charge of the national broadcaster’s social media presence.  He is also responsible for the marketing involved in TSN’s major productions such as the World Junior Hockey Championships, NHL on TSN, and the Grey Cup.  The journey he took to reach his current position may be considered untraditional, but with it came some unique stories and interesting experiences.  Jamie’s presentation on Thursday night to SPAD students and faculty veered off the beaten path because he actually created a Facebook page dedicated to his personal “Timeline” – the basis for his talk and eventual retelling of his experiences as a student and as an industry professional.  Each significant moment he experienced upon entering university, after leaving it (which really was recent!) and his working career is located on this Facebook page.  The onslaught of questions ensued about these experiences and how they collectively led up to where he is now.  Being both a producer and consumer of social media on a personal and corporate level, this certainly emphasized Jamie’s penchant for the marketing tool and for creating unique and memorable presentations.  Considering this, he even mentions one of his presentations during university which involved a water slide on UC hill in early April!  To view the page, visit www.facebook.com/spad.presentation.

Presentation styles aside, the purpose of the SPAD Speaker Series is for students to gain insight into relevant sport business endeavours and the current strategies and tactics used by industry professionals.  Jamie’s background lies in event management and social media marketing, two very relevant areas of study for SPAD students.  Jamie began as a marketing and event specialist at CBC and worked on a number of productions such as Battle of the Blades, but later accepted his current position with TSN.  At TSN, Jamie took control as the lead of social media because he felt it was a missed opportunity, and his first project was the TSN Predictor App – an application allowing fans to predict scores of upcoming games through social media.  Eventually, Jamie was involved in creating the TSN Check-In App for Facebook to connect Canadian hockey fans during the World Junior’s, demonstrating the power of social media and the direction in which it’s headed.

Now, creating relevant content is the biggest challenge at TSN and for Jamie simply because of the amount of news, updates and scores that viewers are often inundated with.  The purpose of social media is more about creating an experience through live interaction and updates rather than reporting news.  Jamie states that fans create content because they are reacting to live in-game moments and talking about it on social media.  It’s then TSN’s goal to use what these fans are talking about to leverage the potential to build the follower-base of their social media outlets and ultimately create relationships through strong interactions with these fans.  A large follower-base is nothing without fan interaction and Jamie knows that if the fans are talking about it, TSN will be too.  We thank Jamie for taking the time to speak with us about the extremely significant world of sport and social media!

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