2010Oct 22

SPAD Alumni Ken Derrett: Be Passionate

Brent Hurley, 3rd Year SPAD student interviewed Top 50 Honoree Ken Derrett – here’s what Ken had to say.

Ken Derrett (SPAD 1978)

Best memory of SPAD/LU – probably by the end of 4th year….had just got back from the CIAU Men’s Basketball Championships and realized we had built a mini PR dept within the Athletic Dept and had helped promote a bunch of great teams and athletes across the country……

Proudest moment at SPAD/LU – I think being recognized by the Athletic Department at the year end banquet with a special Voyageur Award….for doing things I just liked doing…..having said that the participation in the 25th and 35th Reunions were great nights for many of us grads and for the program. (Hint – what is happening with the next one?)

The SPAD network- Have you used it/still in contact with other alumni? How powerful is it? – the two reunions are great examples of how strong the Network can be. I have been fortunate that I have some great friendships that I have maintained through SPAD. The strength of the network starts with each student and each grad…and the school can continue to foster the growth of it.

Key characteristics to succeed:

  • Passion ( they don’t teach that)
  • Willingness and ability to adapt to change in your department, your company and your industry.
  • Coupled with change, ability to be creative and innovative. You don’t need to be the most creative person, however we are all being asked to bring new ideas and change to our business to help grow it.

SPAD is:

  • Unique
  • Relationships
  • Rich
  • Special

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